Client Accounting Services

For decades, the Big Four and other large accounting firms have been able to leverage the latest technologies and outsourcing networks to scale and boost their back-office capabilities.

Now, we bring those capabilities to you.

Stable, Secure, Scalable, and Profitable Processes

Our high-quality, scalable offshore accounting team, operates as an extension of your accounting team, to provide you with the technologies, efficiencies, and scale that you need to prosper

We help you with:




Audit Support

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Employee Recruitment and Retention

We have a vast pool of talent that can either be dedicated to you or available on-demand.

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Quality and Timeliness

We ensure the timely processing of all transactions at a high level of quality.

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High Fixed Costs

Eliminate 50% or more of your costs.

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Lack of Talent

We have a team of experienced and qualified Chartered Accountants (CAs) and MBAs.

Helping you Overcome Industry Challenges

Recruitment, training, and staffing challenges increase costs, delay deliverables and reduce quality. We work to make sure these obstacles are removed.

We ensure seamless integration from your current platform or operation.

Our Impact

We have helped CFOs and CPAs reduce operating costs, improve compliance, and boost operational effectiveness.

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We have unique offerings for organizations of all sizes.

accounting automation tools

Round the Clock Operation

We work while you sleep. We adopt a “follow-the-sun” approach to a 24-hour operation.

client accounting services

Technical Expertise

We have a team with in-depth RPA and AI expertise.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Combined 100+ years of Big Four and major industry Experience.

Accelerate your Growth with Sentient

CFOs and CEOs can be confident of the accuracy of real-time reporting to identify key business insights and drive success.

Auditors can be assured of the quality and rapid turnaround for their clients.