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Unlocking growth for Accounting Firms with Strategic Outsourcing and Process Automation

Helping accountants and CPA firms improve scale and reduce operating costs with process automation, artificial intelligence, and expert staffing.

Advanced Technology,
Accounting Expertise,
Superior Service

Helping accountants and CPA firms improve scale and reduce operating costs with process automation, artificial intelligence, and scalable services.

Technology and Scalable Accounting Services for Businesses of all Sizes

For decades, it was only the Big Four accounting firms taking advantage of the latest technologies and outsourcing networks to scale and boost capabilities.

Leverage a high- performing, resource- efficient workforce – staffed by top Chartered Accountants (CAs), MBAs, and finance professionals.
Leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation to eliminate errors and boost efficiencies.
Continuously improve profitability and staff productivity.

Outsourcing Support Services

Fully customized solution to help build capacity, increase efficiency, and improve profitability in your firm.

Outsourcing Services

Our best-in-class bookkeeping, tax, and audit services keep your books updated, error-free, and compliant so that you can focus fully on scaling your business!

We guarantee cost-efficient operations through a well-aligned combination of onshore & offshore resources.

We strive to deliver high-quality services while maintaining accuracy, transparency, & quick turnaround time.

Our highly skilled and qualified team seamlessly blends into your business structure, working as an extension of your team.

Process Automation

We manage and automate the mundane, resource-intensive, and repeatable operational tasks to help you provide accurate and timely deliverables to your clients.

Significant cost efficiencies by reducing high employee turnover and overhead costs.

Improve accuracy, turnaround time,
and workflows.

Driving improvements in
client satisfaction.

The Accounting Expertise you can rely on

Regardless of your stage, employee count, or revenues, our solutions will help you realize the full potential of your organization.

Cost Savings

Enabling significant margin growth with >50% cost savings.


Experienced and certified accountants and finance professionals.

Seamless Integration

Easily fitting into business software and processes.


AI, ML, and RPA-powered accounting processes.


25+ years of tech-enabled service experience.


Rock-solid security to safeguard data.


We ensure seamless integration from your
current platform or operation.

Accelerate your Growth with Sentient

CFOs and CEOs can be confident of the accuracy of real-time reporting to identify key business insights and drive success. Auditors can be assured of the quality and rapid turnaround for their clients.

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