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Proof and Math (PAM™)

What our PAM™ Service Can Do for You

PAM™ can free up 50% or more of your auditors’ “proof and math” time for more value-oriented tasks for one fixed fee per report

Ensures error-free financial statements

Agrees key amounts throughout the financial statements

Brings RPA, cloud, AI, and ML into the audit and accounting processes

Automatically proofreads for spelling and grammatical errors

Saves approximately 50% of review time per report

Verifies consistency throughout the financial statements

PAM™ is a cloud-based accounting “bot” that performs thorough proof and math by automatically checking the financial statements, prior to their final release to the client. This ensures error-free and fast reporting and analysis.
We have helped CPA firms reduce operating costs, improve compliance, and establish superior benchmarks and client relationships.

The Impact of PAM™

PAM™ enables accountants and CPA firms to leverage the latest in digital technologies to power their outcomes and growth.

AI in Accounting

Enabling 24x7 operations without breaks and downtime.

ML in Accounting.

Eliminating bias and inconsistencies from decision making

RPA in Accounting

Streamlining mundane, time consuming tasks to increase staff productivity.

Cloud in Accounting

Ensuring easy, secure, and real-time access to data anytime, anywhere.


We ensure seamless integration from your current platform or operation.

Accelerate your Growth with Sentient

CFOs and CEOs can be confident of the accuracy of real-time reporting to identify key business insights and drive success. Auditors can be assured of the quality and rapid turnaround for their clients.

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