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Process Automation

Accounting organizations and CPA firms typically expend vast amounts of resources on repeatable and mundane processes. This has impacted their ability to leverage technology and create scalable, customized, and automated solutions.

Innovative Technology Solutions for Accounting Processes

Enabling accounting and CPA firms to improve the quality of their deliverables with the latest technological solutions operated by a high-quality, scalable offshore team comprised of Chartered Accountants (CAs) and technology experts.

Proof And Math (PAM™)

PAM™ is a cloud-based accounting “bot” that performs thorough proof and math checks on financial statements. It uses Robotic Process Automation in accounting, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to detect financial statement errors before issuance to clients.

Rapid Employee Benefit Audit (REBA)

REBA (currently in development) is a cloud-based accounting “bot” that performs employee benefit audits automatically, using RPA, AI, and ML, – to ensure compliance with the US Department of Labor’s rules and regulations.

Supporting Positive Client Engagement with a back-office you can depend on.

Delivering the technologies and the competitive edge that accounting and CPA firms need by facilitating high quality, rapid turnaround, and low cost.

Error-free Processes

RPA and AI technologies supplemented by an accounting staff that ensures quality.

Cost Savings

Eliminate over 50% of your costs.

No More Delays

Our “follow-the-sun” operations across two continents ensures timely delivery.

Talent On-Demand

We have a strong team of experienced and qualified Chartered Accountants (CAs) and MBAs.

Our Impact

We have helped CPA firms reduce operating costs, improve compliance, and establish superior benchmarks and client relationships.


We have unique solutions for CPA firms and accounting organizations of all sizes.

Rapid Turnaround

Our “follow-the-sun” operations across two continents ensures a faster turnaround time.

Talent and Experience

Our team comprises of experienced & qualified Chartered Accountants (CAs) and MBAs.


We bring RPA, AI, and ML technologies into your audit and accounting processes.


We ensure seamless integration from your current platform or operation.

Accelerate your Growth with Sentient

CFOs and CEOs can be confident of the accuracy of real-time reporting to identify key business insights and drive success. Auditors can be assured of the quality and rapid turnaround for their clients.

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